AMPAG, Belvoir Belvoir:Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing

January 2020

Sat 11 






You asked for it, and it’s back.Hosted beautifully by Steve Rodgers, the hit of 2019, about a boy’s list of things that make life worth living, builds hope and joy – with the audience’s help – every night.

A warm, deeply-felt show that garnered awards and applause, Every Brilliant Thing returns for a limited season.

Truth, done simply, is magic on the Belvoir stage, and if ever a show was true… if you missed it here’s your second chance. – Eamon Flack, Artistic Director

★★★★1/2 “Brilliant” – The Sydney Morning Herald
★★★★1/2 “Beautiful… one you won’t soon forget” – Limelight

Warning: This production contains references to self-harm and suicide.