AMPAG, Belvoir Belvoir:Cursed


October 2020

Wed 28 






ntroducing a hilarious new voice, Kodie Bedford, our Balnaves Fellow.Bernadette hasn’t been home to Geraldton for a while. Her siblings are mad as cut snakes, the oldies are worse – even a simple conversation ends up a cyclone of screaming.

I But Nan’s leaving the world, and this mixed-up family returns to the roost; a brother living a big lie, a daughter swimming in little lies, and a mum who can’t tell the truth to save herself. Are they cursed? Or can they change the way they see themselves, and how the world sees them?

Most people inherit money from their families. I inherited crazy. I thought it was a curse. But now I can make money by writing about it. – Kodie Bedford

Indigenous theatre at Belvoir supported by The Balnaves Foundation