AMPAG, Bangarra Dance Theatre Bangarra Dance Theatre:SandSong


June 2020

Thu 11 

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Sydney Opera House


July 2020

Thu 16 

Canberra Theatre Centre

Canberra, AU,

August 2020

Fri 14 


Brisbane, AU,

September 2020

Thu 03 


Melbourne, AU,

September 2020

Fri 18 


Bendigo, AU,


Resonating under the vast Kimberley sky lie the stories of people and Country. Through the pindan red dust and dry spinifex grass, the undulating sandhills give rise to the movements of people in a shifting cycle of displacement and discontent.

At the heart of this is the Jila – Living Water, a symbol of ancient knowledge and power, and a connection back to the Ancestral lands of the old people.

As we journey through the cultural landscape, we uncover ancient Story systems embedded in the land, and passed on to a new generation struggling to navigate cycles of government policy and social dysfunction across a fractured cultural divide.

In this new work, created by Bangarra Dance Theatre in consultation with the Wangkatjungka/Walmajarri Elders from the Kimberley region, SandSong draws on the knowledge and memories of the past to create a new narrative for our Indigenous futures.


Sydney | 11 June – 11 July 2020 | BOOK NOW
Canberra | 16 July – 18 July 2020 | BOOK NOW
Brisbane | 14 August – 22 August 2020 |BOOK NOW
Melbourne | 3 September – 12 September 2020 |BOOK NOW
Bendigo | 18 September – 19 September 2020 | ON SALE 6 JANUARY