AMPAG, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Adelaide Symphony Orchestra:PIANO LEGEND - Master 6


September 2016

Fri 09 

08:00 PM

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Town Hall128 King William St



Nelson Freire was a Brazilian child prodigy in the 1940s and 50s. Now he is one of the world’s most revered pianists, admired for the maturity and emotional honesty that he brings to every note he plays.

The simple, quiet horn phrase that begins Brahms’s Second Piano Concerto is an armchair moment: the noisy outside world melts away and you’re alone with the music. And such music! The impassioned (and notoriously difficult) piano part stirs the very depths of the heart, but Brahms, though the orchestra, offers a comfort and assurance that only many years of life experience can bring.

The journey to this point begins with Shakespeare’s Kings, a new work by Australian composer James Ledger, whose orchestral music is always stirring and exciting. Next we travel more familiar terrain with Mozart’s light-footed, dark-hued Symphony No 40. Only then are we ready for Brahms.

Classical Conversations

For insights into the music making by special guests in our Master series, attend these free talks. One hour prior to each concert, they’re held in the auditorium of the Adelaide Town Hall.


Fri 9 Sep, 8:00pm & Sat 10 Sep, 6:30pm

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