AMPAG, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Adelaide Symphony Orchestra:GLORIOUS BRAHMS - Master 5


August 2016

Fri 05 

08:00 PM

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Town Hall128 King William St



A single violin, beautifully played, is a shaft of light that can pierce the thickest of clouds.

American violinist Noah Bendix-Balgley, concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic, joins the ASO and Johannes Fritzsch to perform Brahms’s monumental Violin Concerto. Its scope is grand and symphonic, and the orchestral introduction casts an imposing shadow. But then the violin enters, and its incredible lightness of touch – combined with some of Brahms’s most inspired melodies – sets this concerto floating majestically across the sky.

Have you ever flown through a cloud? It’s beautiful, but you can’t see too far ahead. Dvořák’s Seventh Symphony is the D minor thundercloud to Brahms’s D major cumulus. Entering it is an adventure. Every now and then you get unexpectedly bathed in the fleeting sunshine of Dvořák’s memorable tunes. But best of all is breaking through the darkness to suddenly find clear, radiant sunshine – and that’s what happens in the unforgettable closing bars.

Classical Conversations

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