AMPAG, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Adelaide Symphony Orchestra:Fond Farewells - Master Series 3

Fond Farewells - Master Series 3

May 2019

Thu 09 

06:30 PM

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Adelaide Town Hall 128 King William Street

AdelaideSouth Australia


Autumn. What is most beautiful cannot be held…

Mark Wigglesworth - Conductor 
Andreas Ottensamer - Clarinet

Mozart - Clarinet Concerto 
Mahler - Symphony No.9

Autumn. What is most beautiful cannot be held…

In Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, the solo instrument feels nearly weightless, a leaf on the wind. What other instrument can flutter so gently through an Allegro, or sigh so blissfully in an Adagio? Andreas Ottensamer, principal clarinet of the Berlin Philharmonic, performs a piece that Mozart did not live to hear.

Mahler, likewise, never heard his Ninth Symphony. This is music that embraces the world in all its richness, with ardour and tenderness, and then – reluctantly – lets it go. Bernstein called it “Four Ways to Say Farewell.” With the faltering grasp of its heart-rending last movement, the symphony finally surrenders to the sound beyond all music: silence.

CODA / Thursday night only: After the concert, Andreas Ottensamer returns to the stage to play Mahler’s (arr. Ottensamer) Ich bin der Welt abhanden [O garish world, long since thou hast lost me] and a selection from Mendelssohn’s (arr. Ottensamer) Lieder ohne Worte [Songs without words].