TSO’s AccessTix program

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) is lives deep in the heart and community of all Tasmanians. In keeping with this community ethos, the TSO believes that all Tasmanians should have the chance to experience the joy that only live orchestral music can bring.

TSO’s AccessTix program


TheTSO’s AccessTix program, created in 2009 through a unique partnership between the TSO and Australia’s leading clean energy business,Hydro Tasmaniahelps make this happen. The program which has grown from strength to strength was further expanded in 2017 through the participation of theAllport Bequest.

AccessTix now provides over 1,000 complimentary concert tickets to disadvantaged Tasmanians from Hobart in the South, all the way to Burnie in the North-West.

Steve Davy, CEO of Hydro Tasmania, is proud to support a program which makes such a profound difference to the lives of many living with physical and intellectual disability, economic disadvantage, social isolation or mental illness.

We care about improving and enriching the lives of Tasmanians. The beauty of orchestral music should be experienced by everyone, and the AccessTix program is a wonderful way of giving people the opportunity to enjoy it.” Mr Davy said.We’re delighted to be playing our role in making that happen."

The opportunity provided by AccessTix to regularly attend concerts by the TSO makes a remarkable difference to the lives of many Tasmanians, including for Pauline, a client of l

Lifeline Tasmania.

“The TSO Concerts are absolutely wonderful. My late husband was a professional musician so I had music in my life for over 60 years. The last concert I attended I felt like I was floating above the music, it was so beautiful. If there was more music in people’s lives, everyone would be better off,” said Pauline.

Tasmanian schools also benefit from the AccessTix program. Recently, the TSO performed at a local primary school in New Norfolk, a regional township near Hobart, playing to over 300 students. For some of these students, it was the first time they had experienced classical music.


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