Transformed by the masters

Every year, as part of Musica Viva's ongoing focus on artist development and nurturing the next generation of musicians, the MVA Masterclass Program gives secondary and tertiary students and emerging professional ensembles the opportunity to learn from master musicians touring as part of MVA’s International Concert Season.

Transformed by the masters


 So far this year, the masters have included Sabine Meyer and the Alliage Quintett, the Giocoso String Quartet, Tafelmusik, Joyce Yang, Ray Chen and Julien Quentin. Sir András Schiff will be a highlight in October, and sessions have been lined up with members of the Benedetti Elschenbroich Grynyuk Trio in November.

Last year, over 1,100 members of the public, teachers and students witnessed transformative educational advice and support offered by mentors such as Angela Hewitt, Rachel Podger, Nicolas Altstaedt and members of the Pacifica Quartet and the Sitkovetsky Trio.

During a Masterclass, students work with their mentor in an open-lesson format. Audiences go 'behind the scenes' and discover the unique ways internationally acclaimed musicians interpret and perform music by the world's greatest composers. Masterclasses are also a deeply enriching learning experience for music teachers.

No-one can doubt the ongoing success of the MVA Masterclass Program, but it is when you read the feedback from the students themselves that you begin to understand what these classes really mean to young and early-career musicians:

‘A masterclass with Sabine Meyer has been a dream come true.’

‘The opportunity to experience the teachings of one of the world's most famous clarinettists… it was amazing to be able to experience her concept of tone production as many clarinettists in Australia want a German tone but we rarely get the opportunity to experience it in person.’

‘Getting some invaluable information that I will use for the rest of my career ‘

‘I learnt so much … about approaching music with such love and joy.’

‘… being shown an approach to playing that was inspirational, challenging and mind blowing!’

‘… I am thankful to have gained some incredible insight from an artist so passionate and experienced. The greatest thing about the masterclass was how positive and inspired he left us all feeling about studying and performing music.’

‘… witnessing Joyce Yang’s passion and dedication to the music she plays. … She was also very motivating with her feedback and her analogies were really helpful. Truly inspiring.’

‘Ray really stressed listening to the "impulse within" to deliver a more spontaneous and imaginative performance.’

Perhaps the most heartfelt feedback came from a Masterclass attendee who simply wrote ‘Thank you!’ And perhaps, that comment should be directed to the program’s principal patrons — Stephen Johns and Michele Bender, Wesfarmers Arts (Western Australia), Anonymous Donor (South Australia), and the late Mary Turner OAM (Newcastle) — who have made this program possible.


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