Three Qld drama award finalists workshop their stuff

​This week, the three finalists for the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award will be reading their plays at the Queensland Theatre Company’s Bille Brown Studio.

Three Qld drama award finalists workshop their stuff


The finalists—Tim Benzie, Daniel Evans and Megan Shorey—have been busy developing their works with industry experts for their readings.

Carol Burns, a contributing actor working with Megan, described the process:

‘I've never done a workshop on a musical before but for three half-days I've worked as a contributing actor with Megan Shorey, the writer, and Luke Volker, our repetiteur, and three talented young performers, Henry Kafoa, Kathryn MacIntyre and Bradley McCaw, who can sing like dreams!

‘These three days gave Megan a chance to hear how her play (One in Seven) sounded in real time with voices other than her own.

‘In the morning she worked with us and in the afternoon had time to re-write and confer with Luke.

‘We would read the text, including the song lyrics which carry the story forward as well as being part of the emotional growth of the piece, then we'd discuss.

‘As I see it the performers are the conduit through which the creator’s work reaches the audience.

‘At this workshop stage it is part of our job to search out alternatives, obfuscations, to expose over/under writing, and mention anything that feels clumsy on the tongue.

‘Always, we can ask "Why?" of anything on the page to make sure that should the play go into production everything Megan wants the company to pay attention to is there to be winkled out.

‘I learned so much, as I always do, listening to everyone in the room.’

Performance times:

One In Seven: Tuesday 8 July, 6.30pm
Oedipus Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Tuesday 8 July, 8pm
The Overflow: Wednesday 9 July, 7.30pm

Bille Brown Studio, The GreenHouse
78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane

Tickets $5


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