New Museum project provides jobs for local creative industries

Work on the world-class New Museum for Western Australia has surged ahead during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing local jobs for people in creative and construction industries during tough economic times.

New Museum project provides jobs for local creative industries


Construction workers, Museum staff and local specialists employed in a range of industries and across a range of activities have continued to work on fit-out and exhibition installation, with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and safe work practices maintained.

The eight permanent display galleries within the New Museum are taking shape with exhibitions under construction, and objects from the State Collection starting to be put in place.

More than 30 local companies have been employed to deliver multi-media, films, graphics, audio tracks and interactive experiences, as well as special installations to augment the thousands of objects and stories to be shared in the New Museum.

Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA, and graphic designer and illustrator Emma Mann, are just two of the local creatives contracted to work on the project.

Black Swan is building props, mechanical interactive experiences and sets to give visitors a different perspective from which to experience the unique stories of WA. One of those displays includes a nearly life-sized model of a giant wrecking ball that was used to clear land in the Wheatbelt in the 1950s.

Graphic artist Emma Mann is a sole trader and mother of three. Working on the New Museum project has been a boost for her family. Emma's work can be seen in the Changes and Wild Life galleries.

The $400 million WA Government-funded New Museum redevelopment has created 3,300 jobs over the life of the project.

 Culture and Arts Minister David Templeman:

"Work on the $400 million, WA Government-funded New Museum has continued during the coronavirus pandemic, providing much-needed jobs, not only for construction workers, but also our local creative industries.

"At a time when the culture and the arts sector and, in particular, performing arts venues have been dark, it has been fantastic to be able to tap into companies like Black Swan and people like graphic artist Emma Mann, to use their creative experience.

"The New Museum is on track to open in November and will provide a much-anticipated cultural sensation for Western Australians, as well as helping to boost our local economy."


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