Musica Viva In Schools launches a trio of new touring ensembles for 2019

Musica Viva Australia have premiered three new ensembles to inspire, educate and deliver joy to students and teachers in classrooms throughout Australian in 2019.

Musica Viva In Schools launches a trio of new touring ensembles for 2019


Adventures in Antarctica stars Australia’s leading harpist, Alice Giles, and takes students on a musical journey retracing her steps through the frozen beauty and wonder of the world’s southernmost continent.

Eastwinds’ four members encourage students to share and express their personal experiences by making music up on the spot.

Timmy and The Breakfast Band explore how music influences our actions, thoughts and emotions in an energetic pairing of live music and circus. Students in Sydney, Central Coast NSW and Melbourne were treated to the debut performances of these ensembles in May. Each group will now embark on tours throughout Australia, including Adelaide, Geraldton and the Coral Coast, Perth and South Western WA and additional performances in Sydney.

They join twelve other groups touring nationally for Musica Viva In Schools, which reached over 290,000 students and employed more than 90 local musicians and presenters in 2018.

‘Each program sparks the potential of students through working with some of the most creative Australians,’ says Musica Viva’s Artistic Director of Education, Michael Sollis, ‘For example, Mark Cain from Eastwinds gives every teacher and student the tools to connect through making music on the spot in a whole school experience.’

‘In Adventures in Antarctica, harpist Alice Giles transports students to her own Antarctic journey, amazingly finding a way for all 300 children at the concert to play the harp! Timmy and the Breakfast Band is a genuinely hilarious performance where students consider how music affects their everyday thoughts.’

‘These musicians represent the core Musica Viva In Schools values of discovery, storytelling and the sophisticated-made accessible to the finest degree,’ Sollis continues, ‘All musicians display an exceptional level of self-awareness and I am incredibly excited to see how this will all develop.’

Each 50-minute performance is accompanied by an extensive digital resources pack that assists teachers in preparing students with up to 10 weeks of curriculum aligned lessons and cross-curriculum activities. Designed for both generalist primary and specialist music educators, each pack also includes online accredited professional development for the teachers.

‘The performances seem effortless,’ Sollis explains, ‘It almost hides the amount of thought that goes into the programs.’

The musicians are looking forward to hitting the road and bringing this diverse offering of musical experiences to Australian students.

‘I’m really looking forward to sharing the instruments I’ve made, and the others discovered during distant travels,’ says Eastwinds musician Mark Cain, ‘There’s a beautiful world of sound out there!’


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