Budget Delivers on Promise for Performing Arts

The Australian Major Performing Arts Group today welcomed the Federal Government’s Budget which delivers on its promises outlined in the recently announced Creative Australia arts and cultural policy.

Budget Delivers on Promise for Performing Arts


New Budget funding affecting performing arts organisations includes:

  • the promised $75.3 million over four years from 2013–14 to the Australia Council in response to the recommendations of the 2012 Review of the Australia Council for the Arts
  • $1.25 million per year to establish a $2.5 million funding pool for major performing arts organisations to access on a competitive basis, subject to matched funding from state and territory governments
  • $9.3 million over four years from 2013–14 to the Australia Council to provide additional base funding to six state-based major performing arts companies.

'This funding is needed and welcomed,’ AMPAG’s Executive Director, Bethwyn Serow, said today.

‘It is based on five years of consultation and hard work with the sector—and we recognise the achievements of then Arts Minister Simon Crean in designing the policy and on current minister Tony Burke in maintaining its momentum.

‘He has ensured the policy stayed on course and was picked up in last night’s Budget.’

Mr Burke confirmed on his appointment that he fully supported the $235 million Creative Australia policy.

‘I think the policy's great and it's an honour to have the opportunity to implement it,’ he said at the time.

However, Ms Serow pointed out that ‘the national cultural policy has been five years in the making and over that time we have seen government indexation rates falling behind real indexation’.

‘This means the real value of arts funding has been shrinking.’

She also mentioned that efficiency dividends imposed on many Australia Council grant funds had had a negative impact on arts funding.

‘We call on the government to remove these efficiency dividends to ensure that the new vision that Creative Australia has generated is not eroded by the economic realities of the day.’

For further enquires contact:

Bethwyn Serow, Executive Director
Tel: 02 9253 5351


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