Australia Council 2021-2024 4-year funding announcement

AMPAG MEDIA RELEASE “We congratulate all arts organisations that have successfully secured funding in the latest Australia Council for the Arts’ 4-year funding program 2021-2024 as well as those 49 companies who have been given a funding extension through to 2021."

Australia Council 2021-2024 4-year funding announcement


" This fund, which has always been well leveraged, provides stability and certainty - critical factors in enabling arts organisations to take risks and to flourish. In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever”, said Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG) Chair, Mary Jo Capps AM.

“There has been both anticipation and anxiety underpinning this announcement, knowing the sector is already fragile and in need of higher investment. This fund supports many small to medium organisations that are essential to the performing arts ecology. They are great contributors to artistic vibrancy, creative employment and provide diverse pathways for independent and emerging artists and creators to develop”, said Executive Director of AMPAG Bethwyn Serow.

“Together as a nation, we face an uncertain future. COVID-19 has decimated the capacity of the entire performing arts sector to generate income during the lockdown period. We will need to review the results in greater detail to understand the broader sector impacts”.

Mary Jo Capps AM noted “the Australia Council has advised it has taken the approach to fund more organisations at lower funding levels in 2021, a kind of life-support to get through these difficult times. This appears to be appropriate as an interim strategy. However, greater investment is needed  as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis to ensure the sector can confidently play its vital role in engaging and supporting the Australian community as we rebuild.”

Key Facts

· $31.7M million per annum will be invested in the Four Year Funding (FYF) 2021-2024 program for small to medium arts organisations.

· A total of 412 Expressions of Interest were received in Stage One, following which 162 organisations were invited to submit a full application in Stage Two (representing a 39% success rate). Of these, 160 organisations applied: 99 who currently receive FYF 2017-2020 and 61 organisations who don’t.

- In total 95 organisations were successful for FYF 2021-2024:

-This includes 67 currently funded FYF 2017-2020 organisations.

-28 organisations not currently receiving FYF 2017-2020.

-The overall success rate for Stage Two is 59%.

- The budget allocation for FYF 2021-2024 has been increased to $31.7M, from approximately $28M in FYF 2017-2020.

-118 peers assessed applications across both stages in the areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts; Community Arts and Cultural Development; Dance; Emerging and Experimental Arts; Literature; Multi-Arts; Music; Theatre; and Visual Arts.

-A detailed review of the 2017-2020 FYF program will take place in the second half of 2021 once all financial and statistical data reporting has been received.

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