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No strings attached: How small donations make a big difference to the arts

Fierce competition for the philanthropic dollar has forced artistic companies to come up with new ways of attracting money.   Read More

Major parties rapped for 'ignoring' the arts

AUSTRALIA'S leading arts organisations have made an unprecedented intervention into the federal election campaign, complaining about the way the arts have so far been ignored by the major parties.  Read More

Arts attract private funds

WA arts companies have been securing more sponsorship funds and donations despite the financial downturn as escalating production costs outstrip government funding.  Read More

Arts donations still strong despite GFC

A recent survey suggests Australians were still willing to dig into their pockets to support the arts during the economic downturn. Carrie Fellner reports.  Read More

Arts organisations know how to win friends

Wealthy individuals have proven better friends to the arts than corporate Australia during the economic downturn, the latest instalment in the Australia Business Arts Foundation’s survey finds. The survey of 241 arts organizations shows that corporate sponsorship for the arts lagged donations from wealthy individuals in 2008-09 for the second year in a row.  Read More

Arts Sponsorship survives crisis

AUSTRALIA'S arts companies have hung on to their corporate and private sponsors during the lean times over the past two years, although individual donations appear to be shrinking.  Read More

Philanthropists ease downturn's pain

AUSTRALIAN arts companies have been buffeted but not blown away by the economic downturn if two new surveys on sponsorship and private giving are any guide.  Read More

Labor leaves arts sector crying poor

Joy at a change of government has turned to disillusionment at a perceived lack of support from the Rudd cabinet  Read More

Prime Minister not one for culture, it seems

KEVIN Rudd went to Adelaide on Sunday to help Premier Mike Rann launch his election campaign -- and the Prime Minister managed to avoid the biggest arts jamboree in the country.  Read More

Rudd urged to take more interest in arts

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who visited Adelaide on Sunday but has missed all the city’s festivals, have been urged to take a more active interest in the arts.  Read More