Closing Date:  15 Apr, 2019

Venue Technician

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The Venue Technician works with all members of the Malthouse Theatre production department to ensure the smooth delivery of all productions. The Venue Technician reports to Head Electrician and through them to the Operations Manager and the Production Manager.

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Technical Knowledge

  • Knowledge of lighting, sound and audio visual equipment and control systems; 
  • Knowledge of principles and practices as applied to stage lighting and sound;
  • Ability to rig and focus lights;
  • Practical knowledge and experience of the operation ETC lighting consoles;
  • Practical knowledge and experience of digital sound consoles;
  • Ability to read and understand floor and lighting plans;
  • A working knowledge of handling of scenery/props and other equipment.

Venue Hirers

  • Provision of lighting, sound, AV and/or mechanical operation as required by hirer during performances;
  • Assistance with technical requirements;
  • Liaising with and supervising hirers in theatre and rehearsal rooms;
  • Ability to foresee issues that may arise from a hirer’s ground and/or lighting plans to ensure a smooth transition into the theatre;
  • Supervision of all technical aspects of hirers' bump-ins/outs;
  • Creation and maintenance of show related lighting/sound documentation;
  • Supervision of casual staff involved in bump-ins/outs.


  • Ongoing maintenance of theatre equipment;
  • Maintenance of consumable theatre stock;
  • Malthouse maintenance, particularly general maintenance to architectural lighting and sound installations;


  • Supervision of casual lighting and sound technicians;
  • A commitment to a safe working environment;
  • Ensuring staff understand and observe safe work practices;
  • Maintenance of close working relations with other venue staff to ensure the efficient co-ordination of activities;
  • Other duties as specified by the Head Electrician.

Please forward applications to careers@malthousetheatre.com.au by 9.00am Monday April 15, 2019.

Venue Technician Position Description

For further information, please contact:

Annie Bourke, Company Producer
abourke@malthousetheatre.com.au / (03) 9685 5150