​Malthouse takes Brecht to China

​Malthouse takes Brecht to China

It might be a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle, but Malthouse Theatre’s production of Bertolt Brecht’s masterpiece The Good Person of Szechuan will tour to China in October this year.

It’s heading to both the Shanghai International Arts Festival and the Beijing International Theatre Festival.

Directed by acclaimed experimental Chinese director Meng Jinghui (Artistic Director, National Theatre of China), it stars burlesque queen Moira Finucane.

As the flagship project of Malthouse Theatre’s International Program, Meng relocated to Melbourne to direct the production, which ran in July.

Brecht’s Good Person of Szechuan is a prostitutepoor but optimistic and generous. Through her goodwill and charity, she stands as a lone bright spot in a society that has become dark and greedy. Impressed by her righteousness, the gods reward her. From that point on, Shen Tei has something to lose.

This is a fantastic new version of a classic text with a terrific cast. It’s also a major international cultural endeavour and will put Malthouse Theatre well and truly on the global theatre map.

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