How Can The Show Go On?

How Can The Show Go On?

How Can the Show Go On? Performing Arts Wellbeing Summit is a one day summit to be held at Sydney Opera House on the 13th November 2017. This event is produced by Theatre Network NSW with support from the NSW Performing Arts Wellbeing Working Group, Create NSW and Sydney Opera House.

So much of what we create in the arts, we create together. We all know the saying ‘The Show Must Go On’ and the levels of passion, creativity and commitment, that often underpin that phrase. Many of us have also seen first-hand the impact that the demands of working in the arts can make on the mental and social health of the people within it.

In our industry anxiety is 10 times higher, suicide attempts are more than double and depression five times more than the general population norms.

The purpose of the event is: To raise awareness, share information, case studies and generate cross-industry action around the wellbeing of performing arts and screen workers in NSW. This summit is not just about support platforms once wellbeing issues are identified but also about self-help and pre-emptive solutions that increase sector resilience and reduce the occurrence of wellbeing issues in the first place.

How Can The Show Go On? is a call to action. The program is not designed just for listening. It is a summit with a specific call to action to you as an active participant in our sector’s wellbeing.

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