Explosion of New Work in 2017

Explosion of New Work in 2017

Innovation and creativity are the raw ingredients for the performing arts and next year is shaping up as an exciting time for bold and exciting new works that will provoke, challenge and entertain.

The Australian Chamber Orchestra pushes the boundaries of chamber music, this time collaborating with BAFTA nominated Australian film director Jennifer Peedom inMountain. Shot by the world’s leading high altitude cinematographers, the world’s fascination with mountains is reflected through a soundscape devised by Richard Tognetti to mirror the serenity, magnitude and terror of these landscapes.


In Western Australia, Black Swan State Theatre Company tells the story of a fifteen year old boy genius who finds himself trapped in a world between life and death inComa Land. This world premiere by Australian playwright Will O’Mahony - winner of a 2014 Performing Arts Western Australia Award and graduate of Black Swan's Emerging Writers Program - asks the question, if it takes ten thousand hours to master something difficult, then why can it take a lifetime to accept something simple?

Coma Land

At Melbourne’s Malthouse another question is asked in Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster - a new work by local writer and performer Nicola Gunn (La Mama Theatre, The Blue Room, Vitalstatistix). Walking along the river in a foreign country you see a man throwing stones at a nesting duck. You ask him to stop. He tells you to mind your own business. What do you do?

Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster

The Queensland Ballet introduces a new program, Bespoke. This program is about movement that challenges tradition, bringing together collaborations between arts forms and new ideas. Three choreographers present new contemporary dance works with high-tech lighting design, cutting edge fashion, intense sound and dynamic moves in a multi-sensory experience.


State Theatre Company South Australia is collaborating with Brink Productions to create a theatrical event based on events in the Vietnam War with a semi-verbatim text by Adelaide-based playwright Verity Laughton.Long Tan brings together a cast of 12 local actors in an immersive audio-theatre production that parachutes audiences into the soldiers’ experience with gunfire, mortar fire, pounding rain, insect clouds, screams and sudden, eerie silence.

Long Tan

Hobart-based composer Maria Grenfell receives a world premiere for her Concerto for Clarinet and Bassoon in the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s 2017 season. Especially commissioned by the orchestra, the work is created to complement a program that includes another work for clarinet, bassoon, strings and harp by one of the great romantics, Richard Strauss.

Concerto for Clarinet and Bassoon

This is just a small taste of next year’s performances that will push boundaries, stretch artforms, create new collaborations and challenge audiences.

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