Multi-generational cast enter second phase of circus development

Multi-generational cast enter second phase of circus development

Circus Oz and Brisbane's Company 2 creative collaboration brings together youth and industry tight wire specialists.

The project, Underage, began in July 2017, and is now in it’s second phrase of development, involving five young tight wire artists aged 12-15 from Circus Oz and Westside Circus classes and five tight wire industry specialists; The work will be directed by the respective Artistic Directors from Company 2 and Circus Oz, Chelsea McGuffin and Rob Tannion.

Rob Tannion, Artistic Director, Circus Oz said, "This collaboration with Company 2 is absolutely exciting and inspiring new territory, and will push both companies to find an artistic outcome that is larger than the sum of either company individually. Our recent creative development included 4 tight wires of various heights, 6 professional performers and 6 young performers between the ages of 11 – 16 years of age. It was a revealing, challenging and exciting step into the unknown – both thematically and collaboratively. The young artists for this development came via Circus Oz’s “Fanatics” youth circus program or via Westside Circus’ youth circus program. The objective for this creative development was to discover what we had in common, as opposed to our obvious differences in age and experience.

What became clear was that we mutually share the desire to be something we are not or have something that we do not have. To be happy, free, feel safe or loved, to escape, to laugh, dance or play, to be older, stay younger at heart….or to have no responsibility, fewer rules, have more time, less worry. The list goes on.

Underage, due to premiere mid 2019, promises to be truly exciting, revealing, and emotive journey into a beautiful, tight wired space in which both adults and young people share time, space and stories through circus, live music, puppetry and laughter."

Underage explores the question: When are our youth too young for the excesses of adult life and yet not old enough to have any agency? This premiere production will explore touch, taboo and tension within a multi-generational cast.

The goal for the collaboration is to premiere the work in 2019 at the Meatmarket, with a view to touring in 2020.

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