BSSTC - Production Fund

BSSTC - Production Fund

​In 2017, Black Swan set up its first ‘future fund’ - the Black Swan Production Fund, which forms a major part of the company’s long term investment and growth strategy and is a key focus of the company’s future philanthropic activities.

The Production Fund was established at the company’s inaugural Philanthropy Gala held in 2017, with a major founding donation by theMinderoo Foundation and with the support of a number of very generous major donors. This fund enables the company to realise it’s big ambitions, with projects that sit outside of the company’s current operational financial capacity of government funding for core activities, corporate sponsorship, philanthropic support and box office income. Contributions to the Production Fund will be made up of major gifts, bequest donations and future Gala event contributions and a growth strategy has been identified, within its strategic plan.

The company had been looking over a number of years at establishing an endowment style fund for the long term and to underpin the company from a sustainability perspective. With new artistic direction from Clare Watson, the production fund gives the company an independent income stream that will help underpin the company in future years.

With the company’s recent West Australian 2018 regional tour ofThe Lighthouse Girl, such a large scale tour could only occur with a number of supporters. It took three distinct areas of support Government - State Government through theDepartment of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Lotterywest and the Royalties for Regions program;Business - Black Swan's Principal Partner -Rio Tinto; and the company’s Production Fund donors coming together to make it possible.

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