ACO Instrument Fund: A Case Study for Impact Investments

ACO Instrument Fund: A Case Study for Impact Investments

The ACO Instrument Fund has been profiled as a case study in a new report on Australian investments that deliver positive financial returns while benefiting the environment and the community.

The ACO Instrument Fund gives wholesale investors access to the high-value asset class of rare period instruments, while also giving ACO musicians the opportunity to perform on some of the finest instruments ever made.

The Fund, which counts a Stradivari violin, aGuarneri violin and anAmati cello among its assets, is one of the investments available to an increasing number of investors who want to put their money towards enterprises that are environmentally and socially sustainable. Many of these investments are adopting the United Nation’s17 Sustainable Development Goals as measurable benchmarks.

The wider landscape of impact investment is diverse, reaching from our musical instruments to a water fund in the southern Murray-Darling Basin. The $5.8 billion market has quadrupled in the last three years, and has resulted in real outcomes such as:

  • 700 vulnerable families assisted
  • 369 employment pathways or jobs created
  • 22,688 students supported; 1069 clients receiving health and well-being services
  • 2,110,000 tons of CO2-e avoided or abated
  • 950 megalitres of water delivered to wetlands, creeks and ecosystems

The ACO is proud to be part of this movement and we thank RIAA and Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University for putting this report together. You can read the full reporthere.

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