Media Releases

These are recent media releases from the Australian Major Performing Arts Group.

AMPAG chair retires

John Irving, who joined the AMPAG board in 2010 and has been chair of the State Theatre Company of South Australia since late 2007, begins his appointment as chair of the Australian Major Performing Arts Group today. Read More

Philanthropic support of performing arts up on last year

Non-government support of the major performing arts companies has grown substantially in the past year, increasing by $10.8 million or 20 per cent to more than $65 million. Private sector support now comprises 15 per cent of total income for the companies (40 per cent from box office, 31 per cent government grants for core funding, 8 per cent grants for specific initiatives and 6 per cent other income). In 2010 private sector support represented 13 per cent of total MPA companies’ income. Read More